The 4 and 6 week wine ingredient kits make really tasty wines– easily and economically! What’s not to love about that! Good news: With an extra step or two, your wines can go from really good to great! Even in Home Wine Competitions.

Wine Making Tip #1 – While the wine ferments, carbon dioxide bubbles up through the wine and slightly carbonates it. While some wines do well with a little carbonation, others such asbig red wines and many white wines should never have carbonation. As the freshly fermented wine sits in the secondary fermentor, the carbon dioxide will naturally bleed off. You will see a bit of activity in the airlock with a bubble coming through every few minutes or more. If you leave the freshly fermented wine set in the secondary for several months, much of the carbonation naturally goes away.

You can speed this process up by briskly agitating the wine with a long handled paddle or along handled spoon. To speed this process up (and save your arm!) the Wine Degasser Whipis an odd shaped nylon rod that fits on your power drill. When you whip the fresh wine a few times for a few minutes each time, nearly all of the CO2 is driven out, leaving your wine nicely degassed.

Wine Making Tip #2 – Most of the wine ingredient kits are designed to naturally ferment and finish dry. While some folks love their wines bone dry, a slight bit of sweetness and body enhances the character of the wine by adding complexity. In competitions, most of the wines are fermented completely dry. To catch the judges attention in a good way, mix 1/3 to 1/2 ofa bottle of Wine Conditioner into 6 gallons of your fresh wine. This will slightly sweeten the wine, bringing out the fruitiness and add a bit of body to the finished wine.

Be sure to taste your wine the next day because you are the most important judge! Start out with just a little (1/3 – 1/2 bottle) Wine Conditioner. You can always add more until it is exactly the way you like. It is best to back-sweeten your wine after clarifying and/or filtering.

Best wishes in your adventures in home wine making!

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