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Now comes the question every Home Craft Fermenter is asking... Reflux or Pot Still?
After brewing or home wine making, the next intrigue is a look into Home Craft Distilling. I learned that, with a still, I can remove nearly all of the Methanol from the finished product. With beer and wine, the Methanol stays and can serve to remind you of the night before, but not in a good way. I also learned that if a batch of beer or wine does not come out as desired and no amount of aging will make it any better, that the still can take the goodness out of the badness and produce Scotch or Brandy. Interesting points to ponder.
Back to Reflux vs. Pot Stills....
Inline image 1Pot Still - This is the original still and most likely what you picture when someone mentions distilling. This is a simple goose neck configuration that is the experienced home craft distillers choice when making flavorful Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey or Brandy. Selecting the Pot Still ensures you impressive flavor, but slightly lower alcohol in the end. With a Pot Still, you can do multiple runs to refine the flavor and characteristics of your finished product.  We often find Triple Distilled on bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey and other spirits. What this means is that the results of the first run is reconstituted with distilled water to the original volume and run through the still two more times. The ABV% of each run does not change much, just the character of the finished product. To set yourself up with a Turbo 500 Pot Still, you'll need two parts: the Alembic Dome and the Alembic Pot Still Condenser.  This goes on top of the Turbo 500 Electric (120v) Stainless Steel Boiler.
Inline image 2Reflux Still - This modern and slightly more involved still is your best choice when high alcohol product (180-190 proof) is the goal. Because of the design and how it works, only the purest ethanol reaches the top of the column-- and ultimately your collection vessel.  A run through a Reflux may take a bit longer, but if purity and strength is your aim...  The Turbo 500 Reflux Column ( Stainless Steel ). The Turbo 500 Reflux Column ( Copper ). This goes on top of the Turbo 500 Electric (120v) Stainless Steel Boiler.  
This information is for educational purposes only and not intended in any way to advertise or encourage distillation of alcoholic spirits.  
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