One Step CleanerOne-Step: This is an environmentally sound, no-rinse cleanser for home brewers and wine makers. Unlike other cleansers that require rinsing because of their alkaline nature or use materials that can be harmful to the environment, One Step is a great no-rinse cleanser and uses active oxygen to clean your home brew and wine making equipment. One Step uses oxygen that is bonded within a mineral crystal that dissolves when combined with water, which in turn releases the oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide – a compound long known for its sanitizing and disinfectant abilities. The hydrogen peroxide completes its work and then degrades into oxygen and water, leaving behind only the minerals that are stable, naturally occurring compounds – no different than minerals often found in drinking water. Pretty cool, eh?

Using One-Step: Add one tablespoon of One Step to one gallon of cold or warm water and dissolve. Rinse or soak equipment and bottles with the One Step solution. For best results, a 60-second contact time with the One Step solution is recommended.


Straight A CleanerStraight-A
: This was developed as an environmentally sound product to remove labels from beer and wine bottles as well as clean and protect soft metal finishes. Unlike One Step, which is a no-rinse cleanser intended for regular cleaning and final rinsing for your equipment, Straight-A is more of a heavy duty product that removes tough soils while leaving your equipment sparking clean. And unlike One Step, we recommend rinsing every time you use Straight A because it is an alkaline product and that could throw off the acid balance of your homemade beer or wine. Straight A uses active oxygen, so we recommend storing it in a cool, dark place for best results. And thanks to its other compounds, Straight A retains its effectiveness over a long time – just remember, a fresh solution will always perform best.

Using Straight-A: Dissolving One tablespoon of Straight A in one gallon of warm water easily cleans residue and buildup from kegs, fermenters, bottles, and everything else. Two tablespoons of Straight A in one gallon of warm water will easily de-label beer and wine bottles so that you can stick on your own customized labels.


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