How do Oxygen Absorbing Bottle Caps Work?
While the “Oxygen Absorbing” bottle caps don’t come with instructions, please read these instructions carefully to ensure you get the full benefit of your Oxygen Absorbing caps. While a “Much to my surprise” did occur, I overlooked the question of how the caps worked.  The question should be asked, “How are the Oxygen Absorbing caps activated?” I learned that the caps are activated when they get wet. So while I was soaking my caps before bottling, the Oxygen Absorbing benefit was not going to my beer, but to the sanitizing solution. If you use an oxygen-based sanitizer… Incidentally, you do NOT need to sanitize your bottle caps, as long as you use them straight from the bag and be sure to re-seal after use.

In the same vein, it’s important to clean and sanitize the inside AND outside of your beer (and wine) bottles. New bottles are already clean, so all they need is to be rinsed with sanitizer. This is best done by making a solution with Star San and spraying the inside of the bottles using a sulphiter. Pop the sulphiter on top of a bottling tree and you will be saving yourself a TON of time and can get through bottling in no time.

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