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Barley & Vine Asking Price   $12,500
Price Includes the following:     
Shopify Ecommerce Website - Fully Populated with products, descriptions, etc. 
    That's how current customers who are not on our mailing list are going to find you.   Contains products obtained from all wholesale suppliers.  
Business Operating Manual   Updated 12/15/2016
   Detailed Instructions on various processes involved in the business.       
Logos and Trademarks    Barley & Vine, Barley & Vine Growlers, Brew Cat
Social Media Accounts - More ways for current customers to find you.     
  Facebook   2960 Followers
  Twitter   1185 Followers
  Instagram   873 Followers 
Aweber - E-Newsletter    Email Contact Managent System with 4810 Contacts
POS System   With 6000 Unique Contacts
Customer Buying History for each customer   Through Micro Register POS System
Sales, Accounting and Inventory Reports for 2016   Through Micro Register POS System
Business URL or URLs (Domain Names) and
Phone numbers - Growler Bar and Main Number   If Phone Company Allows Transfer
Email Accounts,
Google Business Account    
All Other Directory Listings/Accounts for Barley & Vine    
Introductory Email to all Customers/Contacts upon Purchase     

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