Home brewing is both an art and craft. You can begin brewing simple batches and later make small adjustments that will produce flavors that you'll really notice. It can range from something as simple as using pure bottled water instead of unfiltered tap water. Or the one that I noticed a BIG difference is using a pure liquid yeast for your next batch.  
Using pure liquid yeasts is pretty simple and makes a significant difference in the accuracy of the flavor profile and even the appearance of your brew. Pure liquid yeast come in two forms (and from two different brands: Wyeast Labs and White Labs).
Wyeast Labs Pure Liquid Yeast comes in a sealed, sanitized package called a Smack Pack.  Simply smack the package the day before brewing and let the yeast get started in the package.  For more details on starting your Wyeast, check out their website.  For the complete listing of Wyeast Labs Pure Liquid Yeasts available for you at Barley and Vine, check it out here.
White Labs Pure Liquid Yeast comes in either a clear, unbreakable tube or a sealed packet. This is simplicity to the max! Simply allow the yeast to reach room or pitching temperature. Shake well and pitch into your freshly brewed wort.  It's that simple! For more details, check out this page. For our complete listing of White Labs Pure Liquid Yeasts available for you at Barley and Vine, check it out here
Each yeast listing includes a description of the types of brews for which the yeast produces the best results.  This also includes the best temperature range and how well the yeast clears after fermentation.  Some yeasts leave your finished beer brilliantly clear with a nearly "Filtered" appearance, for example Wyeast London ESB - 1968 and American Ale II - 1272.  
Each of the Barley and Vine Brew Ingredient Kits come includes a recommendation for a Pure Liquid Yeast you may wish to purchase with your ingredient kit.  They also include a recommended dry yeast you may wish to purchase with your kit.
Be sure to stop by to pick out your next ingredient kit (or bring in you own recipe!) and be sure to try out the Pure Liquid Yeasts available for you at Barley and Vine.
Wishing you Brewing Success!
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