Lots of folks cold brew their coffee for an amazingly smooth cup. A day or two before brewing your beer, put the specialty grains in the grain bag and allow them to steep either at room temperature or cold, in the fridge. Surprisingly, the color, aroma and flavor will be “Cold Extracted” and ready for the boil. The “cold brew” does not leach out any of the tannins that cause a harsh character in your brew. Remember, that this only works with specialty grains, which are grains that do not need to be mashed, such as any Crystal/Caramel malts and dark roasted malts. In case of doubt, ASK!

One of the fun and interesting things about home brewing is that you can try different techniques and put them to use where they benefit your brew the most.  Take your brewing from “pretty good” to “AWESOME!!”

All Brew Cat Ingredient Kits with extract and specialty grains are available for you in all-grain version. If you’d like your all-grain brew kit made up and waiting for you when you arrive, send us an email or order your kit online and select in-store pick-up. Continue reading below to find out how you can upgrade your system from extract to all-grain for $15!

Enjoy Your Home Brewing Just a Little More!
Check out our expanding Brew Cat Ingredient Kit selection. The Ballast Point Brewing Sculpin IPA Clone is in process.  Additional instructions for making the Grapefruit Sculpin!

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