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LIQUOR QUIK™ Yeast (18%) - Turbo Pure X-Press
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LIQUOR QUIK™ Turbo Pure X-Press Yeast can help you make up to an 18% ABV wash. This yeast produces a very clean wash with minimal congeners. Congeners are also known as "fusel alcohol" and is the stuff that will give you a skull-splitting, nauseous hangover.

Incidentally, congeners can be removed by filtering the distillate through an activated carbon filter. Running a cheap whiskey through an activated charcoal filter will actually improve the flavor noticeably.

This is a much larger packet (6.2oz) than dry beer or wine yeast. It's a combination of high-alcohol-tolerance yeast, plus important yeast nutrients. It can ferment 6 gallons of sugar water into an alcohol base of up to 18% strength, or lower percentages if you need the ferment to complete faster. Higher ABV percentages will take longer to ferment, as will fermenting at cooler temperatures. 77F is the optimum temperature for Turbo Pure X-Press Distiller's Yeast.

For the very best results, be sure to use Super-Kleer K.C. to clarify before distilling.

Makes 25 liters (6 US.Gallons) of 18% alcohol.

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