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Blue Moon Belgian Wit Clone - Extract Brewing Recipe
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A Belgian specialty, Blue Moon is a light and spicy wheat beer, made with herbs and orange peel and only lightly hopped. Hazy and opalescent, this beer hides a mystery. It’s different, and once you have tasted a real Belgian Wit, nothing else will ever taste the same. Wit-biers are one of the rare instances where you, as a home brewer, can appropriately use malted wheat and/or oats as kettle adjunts. Yeast is not included.

This kit includes 7 pounds of malt and dry malt extract and produces a 5.8% ABV brew!

Every pound of dry malt extract (DME) you add to this kit will increase the alcohol content by 1%.

Select your yeast from the drop-down menu above. This recipe includes easy-to-follow instructions and is designed for a full 5 gallons of finished beer.

ABV: 5.2%
IBU’s: 35
O.G.: 1.050
Malt: Light Wheat Malt, Flaked Oats, extracts
Hops: Saaz
Food: Chicken Pasta

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